SoproCare Intra-Oral Camera

Educating our patients on their dental/oral health is a passion of ours. The more you know, the more you can do to improve your health! The SoproCARE allows us to show our patients exactly what we see and walk our patients through any concerns they may have. This camera integrates with our iPads, so patients can be as hands-on as they would like. The SoproCARE is more than just a regular camera:

  • The "Daylight mode" acts like a traditional camera allowing us to take photos intraorally.
  • The "Perio mode" allows us to access tissue health by illuminating new plaque, old plaque and gum inflammation.
  • The "Cario mode" is a very precise cavity detector. It illuminates underlying decay, making it an effective supplement to X-ray images and clinical exams.

See the diagrams below highlighting both "Perio" and "Cario" modes and how they assist us in diagnosis and education. We are thrilled about this new technology and the benefits it will bring our patients.

Intra-oral imaging gives you a detailed view of your mouth. Words come to life when you can see what we see:

Visually transferring specific conditions in your mouth to a computer screen brings clarity simply not possible with a traditional mouth mirror. Specialized hand-held wands quickly capture the details of your teeth and gums. In fact, even small cracks that often lead to broken teeth appear vividly, just with the click of a button.

As an added benefit, dental insurance benefits frequently pay easier with the visual proof of a captured image in our records.

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